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As a student at Texas Christian University, I have learned the skills necessary to become a highly successful and capable adult. I have learned to take initiative, to be a leader, to take responsibility, to be passionate, to work hard for goals, and to be an example. As a student in the College of Education, I have gained a deep

 understanding of child development, curriculum content, effective pedagogy, and students with disabilities, and have developed skills and techniques for being the most effective teacher possible. As a TCU student I have joined organizations on and off of campus that will help me to better my skills and learn from my peers. 

Organizations such as Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity, TCU Athletic Tutor, and becoming a College of Education Senior Mentor have allowed me to take on leadership roles and engage with those of the TCU community. My senior year student teaching has prepared me, beyond doubt, to work with all ages of students, at all different levels, and with all different strengths. 



My post-graduation learning goals include

 succeeding in my masters program and receiving my masters degree in Special Education. After obtaining this, I hope to work in either a general education or special education classroom. I know that TCU and the College of Education has prepared me to be a successful teacher in any classroom and ultimately I would be honored to have a role in any child's life, regardless of their grade level.


My ultimate dream is to one day combine my love for coffee and individuals with special needs. I dream of one day opening my own coffee shop and employing individuals with special needs to help them continue to build life skills and be productive and functioning members of the community!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.