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Greetings, all. My name is Anna D. and I am a lover of laughter, people, storytelling and all things visual. In the last four years, while attending Texas Christian University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree in Film, Television, and Digital Media,  I have realized my passions are not concrete and clear-cut, but they are ever-changing and cross over into many different professional fields. I graduated in May with Double Honors from the John V. Roach Honors Collegewith a plan to move to Los Angeles in January and pursue my array of different passions and possible professions, i.e. Documentarian, Editor, Producer, Production Designer, Music Video Producer, Travel Blogger (what?) Am I confused? yes. Am I scared? A little bit. Am I ready?

You better believe it. 


Though my interests are vast and varying, one thing I am certain of is that I have a great thirst for this world and the people in it. I want to learn as much as I can from as many people about as many things as possible, and in doing so, travel to as many locations I can! (Woah.)  It would be the icing on the cake if I could share these expereicnes through documentary films, live musical events, or episdoic teleiviosn series'!

I beleive the ability to capture life's many moments, minute or extravagant, is magical. I believe in the immense power and opportunity behind a lens. I would like nothing more than to share the many musings of this world with an audience who is brave enough to take a good look. 


My personal mission is to use my skills in inspiration, guidance, and positivity to follow my intuition and passions for film and photography. By doing this, I also hope to help create a better understanding of our world while aslo guiding others to reach their full potential and find inner happiness and joy.


My vision for my life is to make movies, videos, and documentaries that evoke positive and challenging emotions in the viewer. By using my talents, creativity, and my love for the people and the places of this world, I want to bring upon my audience a better understanding and appreciation for the peaks and valleys of this planet, both literal and figurative. Via the images, sounds, and structure of my work, I hope to bring others joy, happiness, laughter, and gratitude for all life.



Life is short and I measure my wealth not in the dollars in my bank account but in the experiences and adventures that make up my own personal narrative. 


Come with me as I share with you the beginnng of that narrative.


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.