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  • Campus Involvment

I am achieving my goals through my involvement on TCU’s campus. I have been able to juggle school work a handful of organizations at a time. In addition, I have maintained several on campus jobs since my sopomore year.


  • Community Involvment

I find joy in giving back in a community that has granted so much to me. Through giving back to the Tarrent County Women's Center with Alpha Chi Omega, and having several opportunities to get involved around the community with BNSF Next Generation Leadership Program, I have found a deeper passion for helping the Fort Worth community.


  • Honors College Involvment

I have had many opportunities within the Honors College as well. I have served on Honors Cabinet, participated in field trips, been a part of Milton Daniel Hall Crew, and had the opportunity to go abroad on Cultural Pathways two.


  • Neeley School of Business Involvment

Within the Neeley School of Business, I have had the opportunity to participate in a leadership development program called BNSF Next Generation Leadership Program. In additon, I am a Neeley Ambassador, serving as a representative of the Neeley School of Business.


  • Learning at TCU

I have been a sponge at TCU absorbing every opportunity around me and I could not be happier. That is one of the core components of my personal mission statement, to find happiness, joy, and peace in all things I do in life. I cannot wait to see what other opportunities arise during my time at TCU.  

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Campus involvment in front of Frog Fountain

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