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We are the FrogFolio Team

Led by Dr. Daniel Terry, the Director of FrogFolio and the FrogFolio team is staffed by student eTerns who have in-depth experience with ePortfolios and the Digication system. If you would like to know more about the individual eTerns and our program, visit the Lab & eTerns section to read up on the latest FrogFolio news.


What is this FrogFolio?
This space is the Metafolio; we've made a FrogFolio about FrogFolios to show you what you can do with your ePortfolio's tools. It is our goal to keep this FrogFolio updated with everything from resources we recommend for photo and video editing to in-depth discussions about using FrogFolio to connect your experiences and your learning during your time at TCU. 

Okay, so now what?
Please stop by from time to time to share what you are doing, what you've learned works or doesn't work, and see what resources and services we have for you. It is our goal to make this FrogFolio a great example of what can be done when a little thought, effort, and time are given to a digital portfolio. 


Our Youtube Channel uploads new videos every few weeks, and, as always, you are welcome to come visit us in person Monday-Thursday in the FrogFolio Lab on campus. Follow us on Twitter (@TCUFrogFolio) for the latest and greatest news on system updates, events, tips, tricks and more!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.