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Why Make a Professional ePortfolio?


At the end of your TCU career, if you kept up with your FrogFolio and made the most of the tools available to you, you will be ready to create a professional ePortfolio that markets your relevant experiences and digital literacy skills in a powerful, visual format.


The pages in this section aim to help you understand how to develop your own professional ePortfolio and use it to further your career goals. However, don't just rely on these resources. Meet with your career consultant through TCU's Center for Career and Professional Development as you decide what you should include and how. Call 817-257-2222 or email careers@tcu.edu for an appointment.  

Here are a few more reasons why we think you should create your own professional ePortfolio:


  1. Creating a professional ePortfolio will help you determine the jobs that suit you best and give you a stronger sense of your qualifications and relevant experiences as you write cover letters, answer interview questions, or apply to graduate school.
  2. A professional ePortfolio sets you apart from everyone else. 
  3. It’s a resume on steroids!
  4. Your ePortfolio will grow and change with your career experiences, prepping you for future career advancement. 
  5. An effective ePortfolio showcases your digital literacy.
  6. It’s the you that you want employers to see.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.