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Come Meet the eTerns at

the FrogFolio Lab!



(Clockwise from top left: Samantha McHenry, Winona Gbedey,

Bethany Pierce, and Mackenzie Hall)


The eTern team is made up of students who are expert users of the FrogFolio tools. Their FrogFolios caught the attention of the FrogFolio directors and they were invited to join the team. From making tutorial videos and visiting classrooms to individual consultations and brainstorming sessions, the eTerns are the heart and soul of FrogFolio at TCU and they welcome you to come visit them and talk about the program. The FrogFolio Lab is located in Rees Jones Hall Room 101, in the main lobby directly across from the Knowledge Is Freedom sign. 

Our open hours are:

Monday  11 am-4 pm

Tuesday  11 am-4 pm
Wednesday  11 am-4 pm
Thursday 11 am-4 pm

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.