DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Interviews scheduled and completed in the fall of 2013:


    • Barbara Herman, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Student Development
    • Dr. Bonnie Melhar, Associate Provost and Dean of University Programs

    • Trustee A. R. "Buddy" Dike
    • Professor Dan Southard (Kinesiology)

    • Former Trustee Deedie Rose
    • Dr. Edward "Ned" Boehm, Former Dean of Admissions
    • Fred Heath, Former University Librarian
    • Professor Jim Atwood, (Religion) and Assistant to Dean of Admissions

    • Dr. Kay Higgins, Associate Dean of Student Development Services and Director of Parent and Family Programs
    • Kristi Hoban, Associate Vice Chancellor, Alumni Relations
    • Lynn Guy, Former Administrative Assistant to Chancellor Tucker

    • Patrick Miller, Registrar
    • Dr. Rhonda Keen, Rankin Professor of Nursing
    • Professor Ron Flowers (Religion)

    • Former Dean of Admissions Sandy Ware
    • Professor Sharon Fairchild (French) and Chair of the Modern Language Department
    • Tex Moncreif


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.